Art for Social Change: Social Creative

We live in a clean and green city or well, that is what Singapore Tourism Board boasts about. However, is it because of effective governance and cheap foreign labour or because we feel for the environment?

Last year, I went to Korea and had a conversation with a local there. He was dressed in all white in Everland Amusement Park with a humble broom. He was a cleaner. In Singapore , the people who dressed in all white are paid very highly. The funny thing is that this young cleaner is working part-time and is an undergraduate. Question mark.

The problem is our mindset. The way we look at things. The challenge in our perception bleeds elitism, generalization, income divide, ageing population, lack of ruggedness and lack of empathy. The list goes on.

When ask to draw a house we draw something that does not exist in Singapore.

Things are slowly changing. We want to be part of making and escalating that change.

Faris Basharahil


One response to “Art for Social Change: Social Creative

  1. So excited I found this article as it made things much quicker!

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