India is such a big and diverse country. The Indian race is probably the most populous race in the world right now, with over a billion people living in India alone.

Despite it’s recent economic success, I have always believed that India was a nation doomed to split. It was too diverse, I felt. Especially after all the racism and dirty looks I experienced when I travelled to Agra to admire the resplendent Taj Mahal. In in a bid to soothe my mind with some answers, I convinced myself that racism against darker skinned South Indians was due to variations in race. Northern Indians are largely Aryans, while the Southerners are essentially Proto-Dravidians.

During my last visit to India, I noticed there were numerous cultural differences between my distant relatives from my hometown and myself. I had become “too chinese” as one of them had told me. It was not merely the slang of the language that was dissimilar. Even our value systems had become divergent.

So (in light of certain events), when I see Indians from India flooding the country (pun unintended) I am very skeptical.

Firstly, before I even extrapolate on identity, I would like to assert my claim that these FTs are driving up resale home prices, especially for 3 and 4 room flats. The devil is in the details.

Due to the ethnic integration policy, when Indian FTs invade HDB estates they are fall into the “Indian & Others” category. This restricts the supply of flats to them. Most of these FTs work as professionals, and are cash rich. So what do we get? High Demand + Low Supply = High prices.

Local Indians are being priced out of resale market.

I feel this FT-knock down effect is not felt for the Chinese, as the population base is certainly richer and larger. I will classify this as a “micro-trend”, with tremendous potential to be a lightning rod for controversy in the future.

Disclaimer: I have spent some time researching on this topic, and there are little “statistics”. Such data is non-existent, due to the sensitivity of race in Singapore. My judgment comes from word-of-mouth and some logical reasoning.

haha, on a completely unrelated note –

I'm sure it's photoshopped

P.S. I am not xenophobic. I don’t post racist and anti-foreigner sentiment on forums and blogs.

FT means “Foreign Talent” to me, not “Fucking Trash”


3 responses to “Xenophobia

  1. haha this is the reason i love u dude haha~ awesome post 😉

  2. I actually found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

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