It’s Been Awhile

You know it’s been awhile when the WordPress layout doesn’t seem familiar anymore…
I miss writing for leisure.


2 responses to “It’s Been Awhile

  1. haha wat do u mean write for leisure?
    u mean all this time ur posts werent?

  2. not to worry because He was in conortl. When my mother died and I ceased to function, forgot how to breathe, smile, live and even pray, God pressed me to his heart, asking nothing of me but to lay my tears and grief on Him.Through the years I have changed my faith has ebbed and flowed, but God has never changed; His love for me has never wavered. He believes in me regardless of my fickle heart. My rock pile has been stacked, scattered and re-stacked over and over again. It is the hand of God that helps to re-stack my ruined rock pile, but only my hands tear it all apart again. God is patient and loving; He helps me even without me asking for His help. He realizes I become stronger every time I rebuild that rock pile. He knew that before I did. I love that God allows me to investigate, challenge and debate His word. I love that God loves me unconditionally. I love that God keeps me tucked under His arm, safe at His side, protected but allowed to be my own person, and the person I want to be more and more, is the person God would have me be. God cares that your rock pile is scattered, and He is willing to help you put it back together and make it stronger than it was before. He’s just like that always there to lend a hand to clean up life’s messes. He has started a good work in us and will not abandon us. He knows our hearts, our yearnings and longings. Questioning our beliefs allows us to draw nearer to the heart of God. The more we seek, the more we learn. God stands up to the test of time. He never changes. He is the same now as He was in the beginning. He never changes.

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