The Lure of Redemption

Happy 23rd Birthday to me!

As glad and thankful I am to have lived 23 exciting years, I am beginning to look at birthdays with dread. Each year (ok maybe this is just the 2nd year haha), I ask myself – am I getting old and disillusioned? Hmm perhaps, it is a sign of times or the sign of age.

But as I let my thoughts settle, there is one temptation shining clearly in mind – the lure of redemption. The idea to do it all over again, make it perfect this time. No small flaws and no tiny errors.

It’s not helping that I see some of my friends have succumbed to it already – to start from scratch in the hope that everything will be all right this time.

But is that really possible, or is it even true?

I guess maybe or maybe not. We will never know till we crossed that path. The word “Arsenal” comes to mind – “we will always win the next season”. Hurhur. Another perspective – the whole project was a success, just that my standards are too high.

Hmm, there is no turning back the clock. Only time for reflection, repentance and reciprocity. Glad am I that I have lived the life I had. I am not proud of all my actions, but I hope I have done some good in this world and that it made an impact.

Alas this is the wrong time to for such musing, birthdays are the time to honour all the people in your life. Time to go back to thanking those who wished me happy birthday!


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