Cusp of Change

So….summer started. Exams ended. Pens put down. The GPA is beyond my locus of control now.  (and I chew my fingernails in fear for that).

The Mayans predicted that the world would end in 2012. I think they are partially right – the world as I know it definitely ended on 21st April 2012 when I passed my final exam transcript to my prof.

This summer, the world changes. Close to half of my close friends are graudating. They have mostly found jobs, and one of them is already even thinking about using her pay to renovate her home. Haha, what a mindset change, from worrying about GPA. Some are returning from Australia to work in Singapore, and I can gladly see them more often.

Another quarter of my close friends are rubbing their hands with glee, with one word permeating their every thought  – EXCHANGE!  I kinda regret not going for exchange in Year 3 Sem 1, so all the more reason to make this one 100 times as exciting. Really glad to have good friends going with me as well. 8 months holiday! Europe baby Europe!

And the last quarter, who are happily still in Singapore or somewhere else – don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’m confident you will be beset by change as well.

I think its an age thing. I was reading a sociological journal article 3 weeks ago about how the societal age for “adulthood’ has increased from 21 to 25. People are starting work later and making all the crucial life decisions when they are about 25 years old – which is about where I am. So with the backing of an esteemed sociological journal, I can definitely say these two years are going to be exciting. What’s interesting to me as well, is how people make these decision. Life lesson No #4153 to me was that there are no clear rules in this world. You make your own dammned decision and bear with the consequences. So sometimes I get a little kick analyzing how people make their choices and applying the Theory of Reasoned Action to it.

So what about myself? Yes Warsaw awaits.

4 months ago, when I was asked about contrat renewal at my old company, I told my boss I was confident of securing another marketing internship in summer and did not want to extend. Well, that went miserably (5 rejections and counting) and I am now somehow (surprise!) preparing to fly to Taiwan for 2 weeks to backpack. Jetstar Friday Frenzy and Tiger Friday promotions are doors to bankruptcy indeed. The tickets were too cheap to ignore, and the prospect of empty meaningless summer seemed so alien to me at that time. Deep down inside I think I suffer from acute wanderlust.

Anyways, that’s just a vacation to escape the Singapore early May heat (damn you, global warming). I was ambitious and applied for Ministry of Foreign Affairs internship at Moscow (yes, Russia! hehe). But God had other plans and they said no Russia, left only South East Asia for you. Applied for Jakarta on the 2nd round, and I hope I get that. Then I can fly to Warsaw for exchange, maybe do some travelling before that or even learn the language or do some farming?? (Or perhaps even a Polish internship hehe)

Ok enough rambling, back to the main point – life as I know it will never be the same again. As I found out a tumultous Tuesday morning after I received the MFA call, the only thing constant in life is the rumbling of the stomach. But rather being nostalgic, one has to celebrate the change. After all, it’s going to be exciting. And so to all my friends, those seen and unsen – my prayers and wishes are for you. May you prosper!!


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